VTB 24 — is one of the largest participants in the Russian banking services market.
They specialize in serving individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses.
The network of the bank includes 1062 offices in 72 regions all over Russia.


I was invited to offer a design concept for all the digital communication for one of the biggest banks in Russia. The client asked for the bright and innovative visual style, as well as attention to every small detail and consistency through all the applications. 


The task included the work on the website, online-banking system for both individual customers and business and mobile interfaces. The key concept is based on the visuals, related to the values and approach of the bank. They create a visual sequence, brought into motion by digital means, as could be seen on the video. The framework, the grid and the method of the elements distribution were then applied to a variety of digital resources. 

This concept was selected as one of the 3 top choices, recommended for application by the board of the bank.


Designed for Jami