Background checks that scale with your business
via online dashboard or API


Onfido is a very successful international startup, working in the area of background checks. It is based in London and also represented by offices in San Francisco, Lisbon, Alexandria. Onfido has a unique corporate culture. I was asked to revitalize their the visual identity and communication. 


My main focus throughout this project was on reestablishing identity guidelines with an emphasis on colors and the logo, along with rethinking and recreating the company website. I was also involved in all the subsequent design stages, including product design, internal and external branding, print and digital promotion and advertising as well as interior design. 

The result was presented in a form of a brand book and a set of layouts. I worked closely with a team of developers in order to implement the website interfaces.

This project required me to work with most of the teams in the company in order to deliver the best possible experience and make sure that the company was represented as well as possible.