HousesDesign is a network for architecture design professionals.
To showcase their works, get inspired, hear the news.
To learn, discuss and find clients.


A lot of architecture designers all over the world don't know how to showcase their work. They are not qualified enough even to create a portfolio website, not mentioning advertising themselves. 


We created a website, which naturally combines three key needs of a designer:

  • Showcase the work
  • Find clients
  • Communicate with other professionals

Every architect or interior designer can create a portfolio showcase on, follow other professionals and discuss their projects, find news and trends. Also there are job listings, created by clients.

The aim is to connect clients and designers from different countries, so there's no boundaries for creating a great surrounding.



The key of making the service accessible is to make it fully responsive


Pages and interfaces inside the system


Also, a few email templates were created to communicate with the users smoothly