Each daily workout gives you the best tips, tricks, features and challenges
to level up your programming skills and sharpen your knowledge


Enki provides gamified support for experienced developers, intending to boost their knowledge and help them build on their skills. Their model is based on crowd-sourcing content from top professionals in the field, and using it to create a series of workouts and games. Enki’s bite-sized tips, hacks and features point to both fundamental knowledge and novelties. 


I worked closely with the Enki team to transform their a-version prototype into an attractive and smooth product. In this project I went through all the stages of the UX and UI process, from research and user journeys through prototypes and concepts and to the final product. Over 300 screens were designed to support and challenge the initial idea, the result was a universal (both iOS and Android) app complete with rich animations, a balanced learning experience and a set of unique games and tasks. 

While working on the Enki app I also wrote and submitted a paper about the gamification of educational experiences.


Implemented version


Concepts and future versions suggestions